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We at Liberian Social News want to connect people from Liberia with each other. It does not matter which country they are currently residing in, if they are from Liberia, dis website is for them! We want to make sure everyone nos what is going on in Liberia and not just about politics or what not but what is happening on the social scene. What are the celebrities up to, what movie is playing in theatres and what event is happening when and at what place. We are you ultimate website where you can not only keep in touch with your friends and family but also stay up to date with everyone in your life. Most Liberians who have gone to another country to work or immigrated for other reasons a times feel very disconnected with their home land. In international news, all they see is the major things happening in Liberia and those too are only related to politics. But with our website, you get to no EVERYTHING happening in Liberia, especially the social scene. dis is the news people actually want to no and be updated about. Apart from that our website is just a great way to keep people updated about your life. Instead of having to call everyone individually about how you had a child or got engaged, you can just add that event and moment of your life to your profile and all your friends and family will immediately no about it and congratulate you. So instead of having to call and text everyone about it and having the risk of missing out on someone and not informing them, and thus offending them, you can be saved from all of that with our website and be at ease.We are dedicated to provide you with ease and service and that is exactly what we intend to do. Everyone can sign up to the website and make an account. You can use your account to stay up to date on all things Liberia, you can make it to connect with your friends and family, you can make it to keep everyone you no updated about your life, you can make it to have better connections in your industry to help you with work or you can make it to find that special someone to spark up your romantic life. Or, best of all, you can make it to do ALL these things and more. We aim to revolutionize how Liberians all over the world keep themselves updated to what is happening in Liberia’s social scene. They will not need to rely on news papers or relatives but now; you can simply log in to your account on our website and see what Liberia is up to.You do not need to be in the dark any longer and find out about events and happenings after they have happened and it is too late, now you will be in the no! You will no what is happening and be a part of Liberia’s growing and thriving social scene!