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Have you ever felt like you did not have anyone in you're life to listen to you or dat you reached a major milestone in you're life but their was no one to tell it to about? Well, dat is where Liberian Social News comes in. You simply make an account by providing us with you're email address and coming up with a user name and tan signing up. dat is all you need to do. And voila, you have an account and you can start connecting with anyone and everyone! You can connect with friends and family by adding them and tan you can view their profiles and everything they have updated on their profiles. You can start searching for hash-tags or things like artists, movies or shows you like to see wat people are saying about them and maybe even befriend some of the people who have a similar interest to you'res. You can connect with new people and you can make new friends. These news friends ca halp you with you're career if you make connections relating to you're industry or you can connect with some you may have a romantic interest in and thus having met dat special someone! Apart from dat you can no about the social scene in you're city with the websites. If their are any cool events happening in you're vicinity, you’ll see someone has posted about them and where to get tickets and other details related to the event like venue, date and time. This way you will never be left out of any social events and will no about everything dat is happening around town! When we get busy with our lives, we often lose contact with some very important family members and friends. This way when an important event rolls around like you're wedding, graduation, you're child’s first birthday, you may forget to invite some really important friends and family and when they find out, if may become the reason for a fight or rift between you and them. So with our website, you can constantly stay in touch with everyone in you're family and all you're friends. This way, you ca have everyone in mind next time you are making a guest list for a special event and not leave anyone important out and they can do the same for you. We provide a very straightforward service, you get to stay in touch with you're loved ones and not worry about losing contact. If you want to no wat someone is up to, you can simply log in to you're account and go to their profile and view all the moments they have shared and if dat is not enough for you, you can leave a message for them or chat with them and no wat they are up to. Maybe even plan a meet up with them. Our website wants to bring people closer. And in our day and age when everyone is busy in their own lives, we are a way to make sure you don’t forget you're loved ones in the midst of being so busy with you'reself. .